Park View City Terrace Apartments

Park View City Terrace Apartments are smaller and affordable living spaces. Presently, the apartment trend is growing in Pakistan so many housing societies include them for offering varied living and investment options. Apartments are smaller compared to houses and available at quite reasonable prices.

Park View City Terrace Apartments is the latest and unique inclusion in the famous Park View City (PVC) Islamabad. The Terrace Apartments feature up-to-date and luxurious Terrace Apartments. It is located inside Park View City, opposite Bahria Enclave.

Vision Group is responsible for the development of Park View City Terrace Apartments. The company is owned by Aleem Khan, an influential member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI).

Terrace Apartments

The society plans to develop residential terrace apartments named: Park View City Terrace Apartments in addition to commercial and residential plots. They will not only provide affordable living but also great investment opportunities. Moreover, apartments add to the architectural beauty of Park View City and create a variety of choices for the consumers.

The design of apartments enables them to soak in the beauty of society and the capital. Customers can choose between varied apartment sizes according to budget. Terrace Apartments are equally beneficial for quality living and future investments.

Types of Apartments

Park view city offers 3 kinds of apartments for consumers. All of these units feature state-of-the-art amenities and a peaceful atmosphere. Keep in mind, all the apartments follow a similar size regardless of size and offer beautiful views.

Following are the types of terrace apartments:

  • Studio Apartments/ One Bed
  • Two Bed Apartments
  • Three Bed Apartments

Park View City Terrace Apartments Payment Plan

This society’s installment payment plan is maintained reasonably on purpose. To help investors and potential homeowners, the Park View City Installment and Payment Plan was designed. Typically, the down payment ranges from 10% to 30%, with the remainder of the payments broken down into manageable monthly and quarterly installments.


Booking Procedure

    You can easily book your apartments by filling out this form or visit our office. Following documents are required for booking terrace apartments at Park View City:

    • CNIC copy of the applicant
    • CNIC copy of the Kin
    • 2 Passport sized Photographs
    • Note: 20% down payment is mandatory in the name of Park View City for successful booking of your apartment.


    Park View Apartments are a profitable option for future investments. They provide a variety to investors other than residential and commercial property. These apartments are planned but the construction did not begin as of now. Development of Park View Terrace Apartments is likely to begin soon. They are indeed an affordable yet luxurious option for people of the twin cities.

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